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Why AI will be critical to brand strategy

Much of the chatter surrounding the rapid rise of artificial intelligence in today’s market is centered around how this impressive trend will upend the HR industry and redefine how businesses bring on new staffers. Precious little attention is being paid to how critical AI will be towards brand strategy in the future, however, despite the fact that today’s intelligent machines are soon going to be crucial tools when it comes to formulating and acting on your brand strategy.

Here’s how AI will reshape brand strategies, and what small businesses can do to cash in on the rise of this astonishing technology.

The first thing that needs to be established when discussing artificial intelligence is that AI isn’t mere an up-and-comer in the market sure to destabilize things in a few years’ time. Rather, AI has already arrived and is disrupting contemporary business operations already, making it essential for small business owners, entrepreneurs, and corporate managers to understand this technology if they don’t want to find themselves left in the dust by the competition. Many small businesses have already tapped into the power of AI when it comes to their e-marketing strategies, for instance.

By relying on artificial intelligence programs to more effectively target customers and sometimes even to write copy for them, email marketers are seeing their click-through rates soar upwards.

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