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COO Linda Schindler featured in Girls in Tech Singapore

By Huifen Zheng

In this new digital age, all industries are up for disruption, and the legal industry is no different. Girls in Tech Singapore interviewed Linda Schindler, COO of FirstCOUNSEL, and found out more about her journey: from being a lawyer in the Silicon Valley, to running a legaltech startup in Singapore.

Traditionally, law firms have been billing their clients by the hour, and legal services have generally been considered to be expensive for startups and small businesses. All this is set to change as the legal industry innovates solutions to better serve the new wave of clients: startups, SMEs and gig economy professionals.

Legaltech refers to the use of software and digital services to improve the way that legal services are provided to clients. This is a growing market globally, with the United States as the leading market for many new legaltech startups.

One such legaltech business was recently launched in Singapore – FirstCOUNSEL. Founded by experienced corporate lawyer Azmul Haque, FirstCOUNSEL was set up to provide on-demand legal support at affordable fees for startups and small business.

Girls in Tech Singapore (GITSG) spoke to Linda Schindler, the chief operating officer of FirstCOUNSEL, to find out more about her journey, as well as get her take on how startups can optimise with the right fit for legal help.

To read the article, click here.

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