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Meet the 20 startups selected for ScaleUp Malaysia accelerator's Cohort 2

Image Credit: ScaleUp Malaysia

Up to 12 companies in Cohort 2 will receive US$60K from ScaleUp's partner and Singapore-based VC firm Quest Ventures.

ScaleUp Malaysia, an accelerator programme powered by Singapore-based VC firm Quest Ventures, has announced the launch of the second cohort.

The programme is part of an investment deal by Quest worth US$1 million. As per the agreement, the VC firm will invest US$60,000 in up to 12 companies.

ScaleUp said it attracted more than 200 entries from countries such as Belgium and Egypt. The finalists were selected based on criteria, including product-market fit, revenue generation models and scalability of their products.

The accelerator aims to assist startups with their growth and product-market fit to scale them into businesses with high revenue growth and profitability.

The finalists will embark on a 3-month intensive group-based training programme focused on areas, including product management and finance.

Additionally, they will participate in a month-long boot camp to aid them in fund-raising. Upon completion of the programme, the 20 startups will pitch their solutions to an investment committee.

The 20 companies selected for Cohort 2 are:

Quadby: A social app specialised for millennial students to find and chat on campus.

GenYouth: A platform that develops the workplace competencies of youths.

Hire.Seniors: A platform that helps retirees and senior citizens find employment opportunities in Malaysia.

ERTH: A social enterprise focusing on e-waste recycling service.

Smartfund: A B2B invoice financing platform for SMEs.

EzyOffice: A one-stop office system and renovation solutions platform.

Fefifo: A co-farming company that focuses on empowering progressive farmers in ASEAN.

Hatio: A technology provider specialising in supply chain & logistics.

Hauz: A data-driven enterprise solution that manages and monitors remote workforce operations in the service industry,

Homa: An O2O marketplace for construction and renovation materials marketplace in Malaysia.

Kiddocare: A babysitting mobile platform for access to trained babysitters.

Load2Go: A logistics platform which focuses on delivery solutions for heavy industry materials.

MMC: A company that provides online and offline solutions from hardware to software to F&B businesses.

MyBump Media: A car-wrap advertising platform.

Pomen: A SaaS automotive maintenance platform that specialises in fleet companies and vehicle owners.

Qijang: A simplified omnichannel e-commerce backend system.

Supervisor: A platform that helps corporates and homeowners manage and supervise their renovation works.

Tanalink: An agro-tech company utilising data to reduce crop wastage.

Recqa: A centralised, searchable knowledge-based repository for team members to share their learnings.

Virtual X: A company that specialises in creating business solutions using augmented and virtual reality technology

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