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Startups leverage technology to do their part in helping the underserved

SDI Academy and Allied World Healthcare were among the participants at the 7th Asian Venture Philanthropy Network Conference, held at Suntec Convention Centre from June 25-28.

Set up in 2014 and 2016 respectively, both startups are supported by Singtel under the social innovation programme, Singtel Future Makers, and are social enterprises.

Allied World Healthcare (AWH) delivers health care services to rural areas in the Philippines and Cambodia with their technology platforms, filling the gaps where traditional healthcare services do not reach.

Founder Edward Booty first worked in the UK, consulting and then later working for the National Health Service. He struggled with bureaucracy and ungratefulness for universal health coverage in the UK, he said, where many people had no perspective of the problems that many others in different parts of the world faced in accessing health care.

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