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The e27 Southeast Asia Startup Ecosystem Report 2018 is here

"Southeast Asia at a glance

e27 tracked 5,828 active tech startups and captured a total of 436 deals and US$17.26b funds raised across the ASEAN-6, namely Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam (presented in Alphabetical order). These were companies who either created a new profile and/or updated their existing ones on e27’s media platform in 2018.

The 34-page document details each country’s narrative in 2018 with

- A qualitative overview based on the year’s news and happenings

- A quantitative breakdown on startup funding data by deal size and industry verticals

- An analytical takeaway based on the information and data presented

Bonus: The editors also included a section to introduce activity from each country’s second cities

The report ends off with a summary of the region’s macro-trends, followed by a curated list of the top 10 stories that impacted Southeast Asia in 2018."

To read more about the report, click here.

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