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An exciting month for the FirstCOUNSEL family!

This was an exciting week for Singapore and for the FirstCOUNSEL family!

Singapore welcomed the ASEAN Summit and the Singapore Fintech Festival, along with visits from: Chinese Premier Li, Malaysian PM Mahathir, Russian President Putin, US Vice President Pence, Canada PM Trudeau, India PM Modi, and IMF Chief Lagarde.

Also this week FirstCOUNSEL’s parent company Collyer Law LLC celebrated its 3rd anniversary packed with clients and friends at the gorgeous The Arts House!

It has been quite a year for Collyer Law as Founder & Managing Director Azmul Haque was ranked in the "A-List 2018" for Singapore by Asia Business Law Journal, and Collyer was ranked again as a leading international law-firm for India-related work in India Business Law Journal.

This is in addition to a year where Collyer Law advised clients such as the ASEAN Financial Innovation Network (a collaboration between IFC (International Finance Corporation), MAS (Monetary Authority of Singapore) and ABA (Asean Bankers Association)), a Singapore-based online cryptocurrency exchange, a platform for Angel Investing & Startup Fundraising, an ecosystem-builder for HealthTech entrepreneurs in Asia, and many more clients.

FirstCOUNSEL and Collyer Law look forward to continuing to connect the tech ecosystem and the world to Singapore!

To read more about Collyer Law's awards, accolades, and deals, click here.

To read more about the festival, click here.

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