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Mark A. Cohen, Legalmosaic CEO and Inaugural LIFTED_SAL Catalyst-in-Residence, speaks about the Futu

FirstCOUNSEL had front row seats to hear Mark A. Cohen (CEO of Legalmosaic, Inaugural LIFTED Catalyst-in-Residence at Singapore Academy of Law (SAL), and a Global Legal Thought Leader) speak at SAL about “Planning Your Future in Future Law: Trends, Tools and Tips”.

Big takeaways were:

- “Law schools teach legal issues when clients want business solutions (that include a legal risk assessment).”

- We need to provide people in the middle (the “sandwich”) more access to legal services.

At FirstCOUNSEL, we are doing both: providing affordable, business-minded legal support to entrepreneurs, startups and SMEs.

Thanks to moderator Anita S Parkash, SAL and Mark Cohen for an informative event!

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