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9 rising startups in Southeast Asia you need to look at

Check out these rising startups, where 6 out of 9 are based in Singapore:

"1. First Circle (Philippines)

Using its own credit assessment process, First Circle lends to SMEs, which are often ignored by banks because they’re perceived to be a greater risk than large established firms.

Amount raised: US$26 million

Round: Series A

Investors: Venturra Capital led the round, with Insignia Ventures Partners, Silverhorn Investment Advisors, and Tryb Group joining in.

Source: Tech in Asia

2. AI Grid Foundation (Singapore)

AI Grid Foundation aims to replace fossil fuels with renewable energy sources such as solar power. But rather than making use of traditional power plants, it will tap individual customers to generate, store, and distribute power in community microgrids.

Amount raised: US$20 million

Round: Undisclosed

Investors: OK Blockchain Capital, Krypital Group, Starwin Capital, Fenbushi Capital, LD Capital, Horman Capital, Collinstar Capital, Interblock Capital, JRR Crypto, Fly Fund, Qingzheng Capital, Decentrust Capital, Powerlink Labs, GVC.PE, and Ceyuan Digital Assets

Source: Tech in Asia

3. MobilityX (Singapore)

MobilityX is a Singapore-based “mobility-as-a-service” startup owned by the city-state’s largest transport operator, SMRT Corporation. MobilityX essentially allows transport operators to run their own multi-modal versions of transportation network apps like Grab or Uber.

Amount raised: Undisclosed

Round: Series A

Investors: Toyota Tsusho led the round

Source: Tech in Asia"

To see the rest of the list, click here.

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