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CEO/Founder Azmul Haque in Silicon Valley to talk about Opportunities in Int'l ICOs

FirstCOUNSEL CEO/Founder and Collyer Law LLC Managing Director Azmul Haque spoke in front of a full house eager to listen to "Opportunities in International ICOs" at Mindrome Coworking Space in the heart of Silicon Valley.

Speaking with Roger Royse of Roger Royse Law Firm, the audience learned about blockchain, the countries which offer ICO regulatory guidance and the countries in which ICOs are banned, whether tokens are securities, enforcement actions, tax considerations, cryptocurrency regulations in the US, the difference between ICO ("Initial Coin Offering"), ITO ("Initial Token Offering"), ICS ("Initial Coin Sale"), and TGE ("Token Generation Event"), and much more.

Look out for the next talk which will be held in San Francisco!

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