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Enterprise Singapore's $30k StartupSG Founder Grant for your 1st venture

Did you know that Enterprise Singapore has a StartupSG Founder Grant for up to S$30K for first-time entrepreneurs?

They also have many other resources you can leverage on in your startup journey.

TRIVE is one of Enterprise Singapore's Accredited Mentor Partners (AMP) and they help first-time entrepreneurs kickstart their entrepreneurial journey. Find out more at their event tomorrow (Thursday 26 July).

Get details here.

And FirstCOUNSEL can help you on your entrepreneurial journey as well. How do we do that? By enabling users to access affordable basic business legal support, including company incorporation, tailor-made legal documents, and further support by connecting them with our legally-trained, gig-economy FirstCounsellors via prepaid talk/video credits.

Check out our services here.

Remember, your FIRST contact is FirstCOUNSEL.

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