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After Uber deal, it’s clear: platforms like Grab are changing how we do business

Last month, in a move that surprised many commuters, Grab acquired Uber's operations in the region. Although this was not a complete shock to some as there had been rumblings of a deal (and Uber had previously sold its operations in China to Didi), this is a testament to the dynamic nature of commerce and how consequential change can happen in a relatively short amount of time. The Grab story is further evidence that disruption is coming for every industry, and so the question is: are you going to make history or are you going to be history?

"For Southeast Asia, Grab’s acquisition of Uber’s operations marks a watershed moment in the development of digital business models and the changing commerce landscape. It signifies the speed, scope, and scale of platform businesses’ disruptive prowess and how the internet’s commercial impact is extending from ecommerce into physical realms.

In six short years, Grab has grown to become a dominant player in the region. Today, it serves 168 cities across eight countries, with multi-modal transportation services cutting across private hires/taxi-hailing, coach, shuttle, carpooling, bike-sharing, and business commute. Beyond transportation, rapid product innovations like mobile payment, micro-lending, and credit services are extending Grab’s ecosystem. The company is quickly evolving into a digital lifestyle app providing multiple daily necessity services."

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