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FirstCOUNSEL continues the world tour: This time we are in Vietnam

In the last two months alone, FirstCOUNSEL has been in Silicon Valley, San Francisco, Hong Kong, the Philippines, and most recently we stopped by Ho Chi Minh City to spread the word to entralled entrepreneurs about our innovative legaltech platform.

Co-founder/CEO Azmul Haque gave a talk to a captive audience on negotiating terms sheets and incorporating in Singapore at the amazing START Co-working/Co-living Space. At START, you have tech meetups and workshops, happy hours, community lunches, team-building activities, and even a pool! We loved working with the owner, Martial, on this event and hope to have more collaborations in the future with the increasing connections between startups in Vietnam and Singapore.

As foreign companies are increasingly looking to expand their presence to Singapore, FirstCOUNSEL is helping them on their business journey.

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