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Grants for Startups/SMEs to help you get off the ground!

Photo courtesy of SPRING Singapore

While FirstCOUNSEL can help you on your business journey with legal support services like company incorporation, tailor-made legal templates, and your own on-demand in-house counsel, there is another valuable resource that can help you get started: government grants!

We all know that Singapore is vying to be the everything hub in Asia, and one of the ways that it is trying to secure that title is by giving businesses in Singapore a head start when it comes to starting their own business.

Here are some sites with grant information for before you start your startup (like SPRING Startup SG Founder) as well as after you have incorporated and are considered an SME:

Remember that after you decide to run your own business and apply for grants to help you get started, for all your legal support needs your FIRST contact is FirstCOUNSEL.

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