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FirstCOUNSEL at the World's Largest Fintech Festival

SG Fintech Festival 2017

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Last week, Singapore hosted the world’s largest Fintech Festival November 13-17, and FirstCOUNSEL was right in the middle of all the action at the conference and lab crawls.

Co-founder/CEO Azmul Haque was front and center at the conference, where his law firm Collyer Law’s clients represented 6 of the exhibitors and 3 finalists at the Awards Night!

Panel discussion

COO Linda Schindler attended the lab crawls, including at Lattice80 and DBS. The panel discussion on 2018 fintech trends at the LATTICE80 x Rainmaking Innovation event spoke mainly about how "data is the new oil".

The Fintech trends to look for in 2018:

1. Unbanking (rather than focusing on getting the "unbanked" people "banked" as previously thought, we'll see people using/relying on banks lss and less)

2. Unlearning (we need to "unlearn" many longstanding assumptions, including what's important and how we've done innovation in the past)

3. Rebundling (Once you own the ecosystem, you can plug in other services. So the ecosystem play is really important.)

FirstCOUNSEL was thrilled to be part of the largest Fintech gathering anywhere in the world!

Read more about the 2017 Fintech Festival here:

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