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COO Linda Schindler moderates UK DIT panel for Global Entrepreneurship Week

DIT GEW speakers panel

"Best panel of speakers I've heard in 2 years of conferences" - Audience member

Yesterday FirstCOUNSEL COO Linda Schindler moderated a panel of outstanding speakers at the UK Department for International Trade (DIT) Global Entrepreneurship Week event held at the British High Commission.

What made the day stand out were all the personal stories shared. They highlighted how "successful entrepreneurs, they're just like us!" while at the same time showing how different their mindset is and has been since many were just children.

Some bits of advice:

Be a troublemaker

Be brave

Be a little crazy

Be your parent's worst nightmare... which could turn into a pretty sweet dream

Be welcoming to lawyers at the early stages

Focus on building the right "it", rather than building "it" right

Create impact and value

Be able to learn and re-learn

And finally, be unafraid to start a business in the UK!

Thank you to DIT and Warren Pain, Michael Png and Lisa QIU for putting together a fantastic event.

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