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Upcoming events in Singapore for start-ups, SMEs and entrepreneurs (November)

Singapore has such a dynamic ecosystem that sometimes the number of events offered can be overwhelming. Here at FirstCOUNSEL, we're going to help you out by putting together a curated list of upcoming events in Singapore for start-ups, SMEs and entrepreneurs for the month of November:

Nov 9 – DrinkEntrepreneurs @ The Commons, The Working Capitol ($5/$10)

Nov 11 – TED x Singapore 2017: Growing Up

Nov 13 – Global Entrepreneurship Week Singapore – Opening Ceremony (Free)

Nov 13 – Launch a Tech Startup: Validate Your Tech Startup Idea (Free)

Nov 13-17 – Singapore Fintech Festival events (Free)

Nov 13 – Fintech Lab Crawl

Nov 13 - Mastercard Innovation Lab Crawl

Nov 13 - DBS Lab Crawl

Nov 13 - Lumen Lab Crawl

Nov 20 – Growth Hacking for Startups (Free)

Nov 21 – CRIB x Google x Webnatics on ‘Digital Marketing’ ($15)

Nov 29 – Grow Your Startup: From Startup to Scaleup (Free)


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