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FirstCOUNSEL Founder/CEO Azmul Haque gives masterclass in Hong Kong

To close out a whirlwind trip around the world, our Founder/CEO Azmul gave a masterclass at the amazing entrepreneurs’ club, Mettā, in Hong Kong.

He talked about how to raise Series A in Singapore and the state of the startup ecosystem. The seminar gave an overview for companies looking obtain Series A funding. He discussed, among other topics:

  1. Applicable securities laws in Singapore

  2. Due diligence: process and parameters

  3. Key term sheet issues (Customary warranties and indemnities and standard exit default rights; exclusivity and time-frame)

  4. Critical Investment Agreement terms (Conditions Precedent and its effect; Economic rights, e.g. valuation, liquidation preference, anti-dilution and share vesting; Control rights (e.g. board composition, investor veto and information rights).

It was an informative and fun session, and we hope to continue offering more sessions like this to our fellow entrepreneurs in Hong Kong!

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