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Become a FirstCounsellor!

We are hiring! Are you a lawyer looking to work differently in a flexible yet fulfilling environment?

Job title: FirstCounsellor Location: Singapore Type: Part-time / Flexible

What we are looking for

We are currently actively looking to hire and engage with candidates who wish to work as in-house lawyers on a part-time/flexible basis. This role is most suitable for lawyers and legal professionals who want to adapt to the evolving legal marketplace and explore flexible yet fulfilling work arrangements, while remaining involved with the legal industry – especially working moms, trailing spouses, millennials seeking work-life balance and lawyers who want a change in their lives and want to have a life!!

We are looking for candidates between 2-12 years PQE, having worked in private practice or as an in-house counsel previously.

About FirstCOUNSEL

FirstCOUNSEL is a legal-tech platform designed to provide on-demand tailored legal support to entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs. From online support on incorporation to access to a curated library of commonly used contracts as well as an in-house lawyers on-demand, the platform provides early-stage businesses with a one-stop solution for all their legal support needs.

FirstCOUNSEL seeks to make the quality of its work environment better for talented candidates who may not have such flexibility in Big Law, inspired by the “gig economy” and the ongoing disruption of the ever-evolving legal services industry by alternative legal services providers.

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