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The WORK Series - Amanotes

The WORK series

Next up in the series of FirstCOUNSEL sponsored videos produced by Vietcetera, which features various entrepreneurial businesses and industries with an inside look at how they operate and what makes them successful is – Amanotes, A fast-growing startup in the music-tech industry from Vietnam.

About Vietcetera

Vietcetera is Vietnam’s popular online magazine for Vietnam affairs, society, business, and more, aimed at a globally-minded audience of readers, both within and outside of Vietnam, who are hungry for in-depth features and profiles about the new Vietnam.

About FirstCOUNSEL

FirstCOUNSEL is an online LegalTech platform offering on-demand legal support to Entrepreneurs, Start-ups, and SMEs by empowering users to access basic legal support for their business, including company formation, customised legal documentation packages and enabling further legal support through our curated team of industry-focused in-house lawyers, our FirstCOUNSELLORS. So you can concentrate on what matters to you most: launching and growing your business!

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