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Swiss fintech incubator F10 enters Singapore, soon to kick off accelerator programme

F10, Switzerland-originated fintech accelerator and incubator has added Singapore into its operational city, an official statement shared.

F10 will bring to the country its P2 <<Prototype to Product>> Startup program to drive innovation towards the fintech sector.

F10 seeks to support the entrepreneurs with a dedicated coach to develop the idea further, provide tools, create exposure, and enable partnerships. The aim in Singapore is to support pre-seed and seed-stage fintech, regtech, and insurtech startups to stimulate worldwide collaboration with international organisations while giving access to the F10 ecosystem.

After four years in Zurich as incubator and accelerator, the expansion is deemed timely with track records of around 100 Startups already went through the programs with an 85 per cent plus survival rate.

To read more, click here.

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