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A startup helps financial institutions build digital wealth products within six months

From gold and stocks to art, wine, and even comic books, investment products come in all shapes, sizes, and values. If you have a bit of money available, putting it in a worthwhile investment is almost always a wise move.

Financial institutions (FI) can help with that, or at least they try to. Wealth management is a very traditional sector, and existing tools tend to have limited functionality.

To solve this problem, Bhaskar Prabhakara and his co-founders set up WeInvest in 2015.

WeInvest is a digital advisory platform service for banks, brokers, asset managers, and financial advisors. The Singapore-based startup develops tools to help these professionals engage their clients, plan and monitor investment, and analyze portfolio performance. On top of that, WeInvest runs these tools for FIs as partners.

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