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Investment tech must ride the swell of fintech in Southeast Asia. Does tech have a hierarchy of need

If tech consumers had their own Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, internet access would form the bottom rung, and financial-technology would be the one above it.

You need to be able to connect to the world wide web and leverage this access to store value. The next natural progression once these basic needs are met is investment technology: Once you have extended financial inclusion, you don’t want it just sitting there idly, losing value against your country’s monetary inflation. You want it to grow, which is why the next generation of investment technology platforms is so crucial to the future of economic enablement in Southeast Asia.

Investment tech in Southeast Asia can grow by taking a page book from Fintech, which grew heavily in the region due to heavy localisation. Mobile money provider, for example, made it easy for consumers to “top up” their digital wallets by integrating with the terminals widely available at 7-11 convenience stores in the country.

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