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CEO/Founder Azmul Haque speaking in San Francisco about Int'l ICO Strategies

FirstCOUNSEL CEO/Founder Azmul Haque is in Silicon Valley, and will be speaking in San Francisco on Tuesday 18 September about International ICO Strategies.

Last year saw the rise of the initial coin offering (ICO) as an alternative to VC funding, which allows companies to raise millions without giving up equity. Due to the US legal, tax and regulatory risk, most ICOs take place offshore and many countries are emerging as leaders in the space.

At the talk, they will examine the role of Singapore in the international ICO process. Please join Roger Royse, Royse Law Firm (Menlo Park, CA), and Azmul Haque, Managing Director of Collyer Law LLC/Founder FirstCOUNSEL (Singapore), who will discuss current trends, recent developments and best practices in the US and Singapore.

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