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Silicon Valley's Leading Investment Conference, Global Technology Symposium (GTS) taps FirstCOUN


FirstCOUNSEL/Collyer Law was a marketing partner this year at the Global Technology Symposium (GTS), which is Silicon Valley's leading investment conference on global venture capital and entrepreneurship.

For more than a decade, GTS has brought business leaders, policymakers, and cutting-edge international startups together to explore how to leverage globalization and identify compelling ideas from all over the world before they become trends.

The conference was held on October 24–27, 2017 in the heart of Silicon Valley, and FirstCOUNSEL/Collyer Law helped to connect GTS with startups based in Singapore as well as ecosystem partners in Singapore and the United States. The agenda included the ‘Global Innovator Competition’, where over 100 startups from 23 countries applied to compete for the annual GIC Award.

To learn more about this event, please visit:


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