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Event for August: 'Start-ups and the Law: Insights from the Inside'- Episode 3: Running and

We are thrilled to report that FirstCOUNSEL’s August Event was a huge success!

The event held on 23 August 2017 at global incubator INSEADERS was a panel talk, moderated by our CEO and Co-Founder, Azmul Haque. The panel of very accomplished in-house legal counsel included Abu Jaliwala (previously a legal counsel at Yum! Asia), Linda Schindler (an Attorney and our COO) and Liviu Petrina (a legal counsel practicing in Singapore).

This event was the third in our series “Start-ups and the Law: Insights from the Inside”.

This is a series of events especially curated for start-ups, SMEs and founders in Singapore and focused on legal issues that are commonly faced by entrepreneurs while running and managing their daily business.

It was a full house of promising start-ups and SMEs who were eager to learn about how to more effectively run their business, and who appreciated our offer of a FREE FirstCOUNSEL legal document!

The topics covered by the panel included annual compliance requirements, keeping all annual registrations up to date and making relevant annual filings, tax-related requirements and filings, registering and protecting your Intellectually property (IP) - types and benefits of registration, IP licensing, dealing with supplier /customer agreements, importance of boiler-plate clauses, amongst many more.

The key takeaway from the event was definitely in relation to confidentiality and IP. The Social Network movie reference as well as insights on the different types of IP caught the attention of our keen audience. The quote of the evening was "If you don't want someone to use your idea, then don't tell anyone".

But if you have to tell someone, use a confidentiality agreement. And lucky for you, we happen to provide a FREE FirstCOUNSEL Confidentiality Agreement on our website, which includes vetting by a FirstCounsell

or! (

A big shout to our amazing wine sponsors, the French Cellar who made sure that everybody left the event with a wine blush!

Keep a lookout for our future events on our blog at:, or on our Facebook Page at:

For any other queries that you may have, please e-mail us at

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