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NUS Enterprise, Singapore Airlines introduce five startups from SIA Accelerator

SIA Accelerator Programme, the accelerator programme initiated by NUS Enterprise and Singapore Airlines (SIA), has announced five startups graduates from its inaugural batch.

The accelerator is a joint effort to boost the travel sector and its customer experience as well as open up new business opportunities for aspiring startups.

The 10-week initiative took place in an incubation space at NUS Enterprise’s The Hangar and SIA’s KrisLab in January this year.

Participants were tasked with presenting solutions for tech and airlines problems identified by SIA. These problems include onboard food wastage, offline and online integration in-flight shopping, revenue maximisation, to seat capacity optimisation.

NUS Enterprise coached the participants to identify their target customers, the right tech solutions, and product-market fit, as well as business model viability.

Some of the programme’s participants include the winners of Singapore Airlines’ annual AppChallenge. AppChallenge is a digital hackathon for aviation innovation run by SIA in conjunction with NUS Enterprise which was launched in June this year.

All solutions will be presented during the Innovfest Unbound 2019 that kicks off on June 27. Innovfest Unbound is an innovation festival organised by NUS Enterprise and Unbound, held in Singapore.

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