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Singapore: Springboard to Asia, enabling tech startups to grow

"There is also, [Edwin Chow, Assistant Chief Executive, Innovation & Enterprise of Enterprise Singapore] says, a wider startup boom taking place in Singapore, with more than 100 incubators and accelerators, and more than 150 venture capital investors actively seeking opportunities across medtech, financial technology, advanced manufacturing, foodtech and other sectors.

This broader ecosystem allows for the interplay of different actors and sectors, driving even greater innovation and creating new opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors.

'Singapore is continuously evolving with the changing global environment. At the national level, we have set our sights on deepening the growth of our innovation ecosystem with the aim of turning Singapore into an economy led by innovation,' Chow says. 'It is vital that we do not merely build up our competencies in silos, but that we bring them together to form an active knowledge economy that will enable ecosystem players to bring their ideas quickly from seed to fruit.'"

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