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Upcoming events in Singapore for start-ups, SMEs and entrepreneurs

Singapore has such a dynamic ecosystem that sometimes the number of events offered can be overwhelming. Here at FirstCOUNSEL, we're going to help you out by putting together a curated list of upcoming events in Singapore for start-ups, SMEs and entrepreneurs:

Jan 29 - TRIVE Labs Powered by JustCo Official Launch Party! (JustCo @ Marina Square) Free

Jan 30 - DrinkEntrepreneurs x Reapra x Tribe Theory (Tribe Theory Startup Hostel) Free

Jan 30 - Startup Playbook: Vietnam - Market Opportunities (Found.Prinsep) Free

Feb 11 - Launch of Yena in Singapore - Rebellious Meetups for Young Entrepreneurs! (Tribe Theory Startup Hostel) Free

Feb 11 - PitchLab with Michele Ferrario, StashAway (WeWork City House) Free

Feb 13 - Fail Fast: Stories from Female Entrepreneurs (WeWork Anson) Free

Feb 18 - Deep Tech Collaboration: Startups & Corporates (SGInnovate) Free

Feb 19 - Angel Investing: Why, What, How (SGInnovate) $21.19

Mar 20 - Real Successes and Applications of Digital Health (SGInnovate) Free

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