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FirstCOUNSEL at Blk71 and 500 Startups in San Francisco!

FirstCOUNSEL will be at Blk71 in San Francisco again this month as well as 500 Startups SF! The talk by FirstCOUNSEL CEO/co-founder Azmul Blk71 SF will be Startups and the Law: A Primer on IP Law & Seed Round Term Sheets, while the discussion at 500 Startups SF will center around ICOs: the Singapore story.

At Blk71, the focus will be on: as a startup founder, what do you need to know about the law?

Whether you’ve already launched your startup or not, this event will offer you invaluable insights to help you build a solid legal foundation for your business, raise funds successfully, and avoid legal slip-ups that too often derail promising startups.

Come and hear from leading startup lawyers and seasoned legal counsel from the Bay Area and Singapore, and their insights on what startups need to watch out for. This event will be a panel discussion where key legal issues will be discussed from Intellectual Property (IP) law to seed round fundraising.

Meet other startup founders, grow your network, explore business ideas, and forge partnerships.

For more information, please visit:

While at 500 Startups, the talk will focus on ICOs: the Singapore Story.

For more information, please visit:

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